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All our classes are designed to cater for a range of fitness levels, allowing our members to train as hard as they want. Each session is individually created ensuring we keep it interesting and fun.

We offer much more than any other group fitness facility including group classes, live online group training, small group PT, 1-on-1 personal training, challenges and the occasional retreat.

Con Day

Con Day is a cardio/conditioning style session. A session with little rest, mixed up between cardio machines and weighted movements, where you keep exercising for long periods of time and maintain a high intensity.

Gain Day

Gain Day is a full body strength session. It covers all muscle groups, in a slower class, focused on building muscle, power and hypertrophy.


High Intensity Interval Training. This is a cardio based class with short, intense efforts, broken up by rest periods allowing your body to recover and go again.


ABT is a female only group session focusing purely on strengthening abs, butts and thighs. It is low impact, low intensity class, with a combination of strength enhancing and muscle toning exercises. It consists of slow, controlled movements, which will target common problem areas for the female body.

Run Crew

Run crew is a running group that leaves from the gym, running a variety of distances. It is for all levels of runners.

Run Crew - Reborn Fitness Sutherland Shire


Boxfit is a unique style of boxing and body weight power movements which are high intensity and fat burning.

Strength & Shred

This is a circuit style class, with predominantly full body weighted strength based movements, with some condition and cardio machine added for some flavour.

Strength Class - Reborn Fitness Sutherland Shire


Our strength sessions focus on individual muscles group using heavy weighted movements.


Refit is a workout for time. There will be a list of exercises on the screen, and you complete them all at your own pace. There are 3 levels to choose from for all fitness levels. Refit normally consists of cardio machines, running, weighted and body weight exercises, with plenty of variety.

Refit Class - Reborn Fitness Sutherland Shire


Yoga is a flow style class that will link poses together connecting movement and breath.

Partner’s (Fresh Saturdays)

The Saturday partner session is a session completed with a partner, you can bring any friend or family member for FREE, every Saturday. It is a social session that focuses on having fun.

Partners Session Gym Class - Reborn Fitness Sutherland Shire

Box Crew

Infusing multiple combinations into pad work to make for an exciting educational boxing class.

Personal Training 1:1

We also offer one on one personal training sessions. They are sessions that are set towards your individual goals and performed by a trainer of your choice or one can be assigned to you, based on your specific needs.

Personal Training - Reborn Fitness Sutherland Shire